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March 21, 2006


Rick Estenson

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to an interesting and thought provoking journey with you and the others on the plane!

Holly Cairns

Hi Pastor Craig,
This Ministrial Blogging is an excellent idea. How exciting. Glad you took the first steps.


Nikki Teske

Hey Dad!! I remember you telling me about this, but we found it sort of by accident. I was browsing through northfield.org with Dylan sitting on my lap. All of a sudden he bursts, "there's my grandpa." Sure enough he was right. I think this is a great idea. I like your first entry. Love you! ~Nikki

Geoff Pound

Hi Craig,

I enjoyed my first read of your blogsite and have taken the liberty of quoting from it on mine at:
Blessings, Geoff

Pam B

I did not know this existed - where have I been? I also like the quote: "a journey from birth to life." That gives way to a lot of thought for me. Why don't you share a bit of where you are right now? You started this - let's continue! Pam B.

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